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Frequently asked questions

When do I need a top up and what's the cost?

With Semi Permanent Eyebrows, we don’t go as deep as body tattoo, so it will fade out over time.  Eyebrows last a couple of years, and our clients normally come back once a year or so for a top up and that keeps the Brows looking fresh.  

Eyeliner and Lips tend to need touching up after a year or so, and then can last 3 years or more.

Our current price for annual Top Ups is €200

What's the difference between Microblading, Ombre, Phibrows, Embrowdery, Powder brows?

It can be very confusing with all of the different names!  Basically, there are two techniques – Microblading and Machine.

Microblading is using a hand tool to create natural looking hair strokes in the skin.  The Microblade can also be used for shading – colouring in bits of the skin to create the appearance of more volume.  From this many names have developed – if your technician uses Phi Pigments, theyre called Phi brows.  We don’t use Phi pigments, we use other brands, but the technique is exactly the same.  Embrowdery is microblading using a particular hand movement ad going a little lighter in the skin.  Other names for Microblading are hairstrokes, 3D brows, 6D brows (what even are 6D brows??!!).

The other method is using a tattoo machine, with various needles to create different effects.  Find dotting is ‘powder brow’, liner needles can be used to create ‘Haristrokes’.

Ombre just means darker at the bottom and tails and lighter at the top and inner area.

We do both machine and microblade to create the most natural looking semi permanent brows possible, and will choose which techniques are best for you based on desired look, current brow , skin type and condition and many other factors.

Is it Permanent Makeup or Semi Permanent Makeup?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is if Micropigmentation (Cosmetic Tattoo) is Permanent or Semi-Permanent. 

We have two main layers to our skin, the Epidermis on the outside, and the deeper Dermis on the inside.  If you scratch your skin and don’t bleed, you are scratching the Epidermis.  If you keep scratching until you bleed, you have reached the Dermis.  With regular body tattoo, ink is deposited deep into the Dermis.  It can’t get back out, and therefore, body tattoos are permanent. They do fade a little over time and can develop a bluish / greenish hue – we certainly don’t want this for our Eyebrows!  

For this reason, when performing Cosmetic Tattoo on the Brows, we only implant the ink into the superficial or upper layers of the Dermis and the lower layers of the Epidermis, that way, it can fade out over time as the skin naturally renews itself, and it won’t get a chance to change colour. This makes them ‘Semi-Permanent’, and an annual top up is recommended to keep them looking fresh.

Is Eyeliner Tattoo suitable for me?

Tattoo Eyeliner is suitable for all age groups, all eye shapes and is especially good for anyone who likes the appearance of fuller, darker lashes, anyone with a busy lifestule, swimmers, Gym go-ers and anyone who likes to look good!

It can be applied in a variety of styles, from subtle ‘BabyLash Line’, to ‘Lash Enhancement’, or a more defined classic ‘Wedge’, to ‘Winged’ look. 

During your treatment, we decide on what desigh is best for you based on your preference, space available around the eyes, and more importantly, foreseeing how it will look in years to come.

Client feedback is that it’s not too uncomfortable at all, a little ticklish at times.  It last 3 to 5 years, with a top up recommended after 2.

Our consultations are always free so book now using the link above


What is Lip Blush Tattoo?

Lip blushing offers both corrective and enhancement benefits by evening out the pigment and symmetry of your lips.  Our Lip Tissue extends well beyond our natural lip colour, so we also place pigment all the way out to the very edge of the lip tissue, creating a larger fuller appearance. Lip blushing also provides the convenience of a smudge-proof alternative to your favourite lip shades. While you can still wear lipstick or gloss over your lip treatment, this natural looking semi-permanent colour saves you time for everyday activities.

Lip blushing, or lip tattooing, is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that involves placing pigment into the outer layers of the lips with a micro-sized, mechanical needle. Thanks to modern-day advancements, this procedure offers a subtle wash of colour compared to older, traditional methods using tattoo ink to saturate the lips.

Luscious Lips have been one of the defining beauty treatments of the past few years and Lip Blushing is set to be the number 1 trend for the coming years.  While Fillers took centre stage previously, Lip Blushing offers a more natural looking alternative, or indeed to further enhance Lip Fillers.

There is a range of colours and shades available to suit you, and it lasts 2 to 3 years


Do these procedures hurt?

Most clients say no, some even fall asleep during a procedure. We all have different pain thresholds but we do everything in our power to make all our clients comfortable with the best and most effective topical anaesthetics and taking every precaution to make each client as comfortable as possible, no one has ever not had a procedure done because they found it painful. Sometimes scratchy but not painful.

I'm not happy with my existing Semi-Permanent Makeup, am I stuck with it forever?

f you have a long lasting Eyebrow tattoo that has changed colour or that your not happy with, it can sometimes be a simple colour correction that’s required, or a few sessions of Saline Removal can help to lift the ink out of the skin.  Julie specialises in correctional work, and consultations are always free with her.  Don’t delay any longer, make your free consultation appointment today, using the Book Now link at the top  of the page, and begin your journey towards more natural looking brows.

How many appointments do I need?

If this is the first time having a procedure it is always a two appointment process. The first appointment when we discuss what you want to achieve, shape, colour etc, go through aftercare and give you your aftercare instructions and balm to take home with you and then do the treatment or several treatments all at the same time. Approximately a month later you will return for a top up which is included in the price as there will always be some fade as well as allowing us to put more colour in so it lasts longer. As our motto is to err on the side of caution it gives you on your top up/second appointment to decide to go thicker, longer, darker once you have got used to your new semi permanent make up.

Will I be able to go out afterwards?

The good news is yes as you will only look better when you leave than when you came in. We can go back to work, go to lunch, dinner etc. The area(s) you have had done will look stronger than the healed result but just looks like normal make up and it should not stop you going about your every day business.

How long will it take to heal?

Healing time is approximately 7 to 10 days, but the final result will not be seen for 3 to 4 weeks.

How much colour will fade during healing?

The colour you leave with is stonger than the healed result. You will usually lose 40-50% of the colour on eyebrows and eyeliner and 50-70% of the colour on your lips. Your semi permanent make up will look like strong going out make up in the first few days and then will heal to a natural result.

What Semi Permanent Makeup can I have done?

Make up can be done as subtle or as dramatic as you would like us to do for you. Options we do are:

  • Eyebrows, hairstroke, ombre, microbladed, combination hairs and nano (We will choose what method suits you best)
  • Eyeliner from eyelash enhancement (small dots that looks like you have more lashes) to full eyeliner.
  • Lipliner, full lip colour, Lip blush – replacing lost pigment
What are the benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup?

As long as you are over 18 and care about how you look you will benefit from these procedures, a lot of clients who do not usually wear make up but want to look fresh and natural will have semi permanent make up done subtly to enhance their eyebrows, eyes and lip colour. We have many colours to choose from, and can do procedures that no one will barely notice except to tell you “you look well!” It is very convenient if you cannot see well or have normal make up allergies. Most of us want to wake up looking great without having to apply conventional make up and it saves time for our busy lives and we just want to look our best at all times. We can choose to be as subtle or as strong as we like and you can always add more conventional make-up if you are going out to a function or just want a stronger look. The colour we choose for your lips does not limit the colours of lipstick you can use afterwards.

What if I don’t like it?

As long as you choose the right technician who listens carefully to what outcome you are hoping to achieve this should never happen. Do not go on price as this is a cosmetic tattoo and cannot be wiped away like normal make up. That is why it is good we have 2 appointments and you can always add more on the second appointment. Our policy is to “err on the
side of caution”. Choose the person to do your make up based on experience, reviews from clients and pictures of their work. Someone good with a lot of experience will be more expensive but they will give you more time, have more knowledge, use the best equipment, pigments and tools etc and give you more time and not rush you and will know and understand what you want and help you achieve that.

Is Permanent Makeup safe?

If you choose the right technician who is properly trained, very experienced, has great before and after photos, great reviews and lots of them. They will have studied colour theory and skin undertones and listen to what you want, give you their time, use the best equipment and pigments etc it is very safe. This is not a procedure to go on price. The cost of having eyebrows done 20 years ago was €500 so it’s not a cheap procedure to have done but life changing when done well!